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What First Aid Course Do You Need To Become A Lifeguard In Ontario?

According to the life-saving society in Ontario, there are 4 steps to becoming a lifeguard in Ontario: 

Step One - Bronze Medallion 

Course Length:15 hour course

The prerequisite must be 13 years old or have a Bronze Star

Certificate valid for 2 years

Step two - Bronze Cross

Course Length: 20 hour course

The prerequisite must be 13 years old or have a Bronze Medallion

Certificate valid for 2 years

Step 3- Take a Standard First Aid CPR Level C with AED training course by an approved WSIB organization like Holmes Medical Training

Course Length: Can be done over 16 hours in person or in a blended format with 8 hours in person and 6 hours online

The prerequisite is that you must be 12 years old

Certificate valid for 3 years under WSIB regulations

Step 4 - Take a National Lifeguard course 

Course Length: 16 hours

Prerequisites: Minimum 15 years of age. Bronze Cross certification and Lifesaving Society Standard First Aid (need not be current) or SFA from an approved agency.

Certificate valid for 2 years

Lifeguards are in high demand all across Ontario and there is a serious shortage of lifeguards after the pandemic. The average pay for lifeguards in Ontario is $18.60 and up. Becoming a lifeguard is a fantastic job where you will learn great communication skills and learn to work in a team environment, you will also be in a position of authority and be responsible for ensuring the safety of all people at the pool. 

Contact us to learn more about what it takes to be a lifeguard in Ontario.


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