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Convenient Standard First Aid and CPR Level C Online Courses

Holmes Medical Training offers an engaging and convenient online blended program for Standard First Aid CPR level C with AED training and Emergency First Aid CPR level C with AED training. Our blended program is a combination of ONLINE theory-based training and IN-CLASS practical skills development. After students have completed both our online and in-class training, they will receive a certificate of successful completion on the same day of training.


Holmes Medical Training's Blended Standard First Aid and Emergency First Aid programs meet WSIB and Regulation 1101 requirements. Our Standard First Aid certificate is valid for 3 years under WSIB regulations.

Blended Program Components

Online Training

Students can complete the online theory portion of the course at their own pace and are given an access code so they can enter and exit the course on their own schedule. Our program is designed in a modular format, supplemented with videos and tests to help students understand the key concepts. Our recommendation is that students should complete the online theory portion of the course within 14 days prior to their in-person practical.

In-Person Practical

Students must have completed the online portion of the course before attending the in-person practical. Students can apply the knowledge learned from the theory portion through a practical application of hands-on training and instructor


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