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Working At Heights Courses

Empowering you & your team with the training, knowledge, and skills to work safely at heights.

Making safety a priority.

We believe that everyone in the workplace has a responsibility to keep themselves and others safe. Because there are hazards present in all workplaces and tasks, our primary goal is to promote safety through education, awareness, and participation to prevent injuries at work and at home.

At Holmes Safety Training, our goal is to establish a mandatory minimum standard for high quality and consistent training for everyone. We understand that the only way to strengthen workplace safety culture is by elevating the profile and importance of safety training in Ontario. You can help us start to make that change by signing up for one of our courses, giving you the knowledge, training, and experience to be a leader in safety culture.

We are a Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) Approved Working At Heights provider

We are here to offer you:

Engaging hands-on learning

Certification is valid for 3 years

Ontario's Trusted Safety Provider


Working At Heights Safety Courses

Working at Heights  Fundamentals of Fall Protection.jpg

Working At Heights

Fundamentals of Fall Protection

8 hours
In-Person Training

Cost: $120

Working At Heights Refresher.jpg

4 hours
In-Person Training

Working At Heights
Refresher Training

Cost: $85

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