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Corporate onsite first aid training

Taking corporate onsite first aid training is beneficial because your staff will learn industry-specific first aid and what types of injuries and illnesses are likely to happen in your industry.  

Prevent Worksite Injuries

Taking a corporate onsite first aid course will allow your staff to identify potential workplace hazards and avoid risky behaviour, which can cause injuries and accidents in the workplace. The first step to preventing injuries from happening is identifying the hazards that can cause them.

Reduce Costs 

Your organization will be liable for injuries and fatalities at work if nobody at your worksite is able to give first aid. If your staff are trained in first aid they will be able to immediately respond to an emergency and provide effective first aid which will ultimately reduce the severity of injuries and illness saving your organization money.

Legally Compliant

In Ontario under regulation 1101 and the WSIB your company is legally responsible for ensuring your employees work in a safe environment by providing first aid training. Training your staff in Standard First Aid CPR level C and AED training you are ensuring your employee's rights are protected.

By having your staff take an on-site corporate first aid course with Holmes Medical Training you will create a culture of safety which will reduce injuries and fatalities, save your organization money and ensure your business is legally compliant with the current regulation and guidelines.


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