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First Aid Corporate Training

When choosing a course for your corporation's group first aid training, we always reinforce the importance of taking CPR in conjunction with first aid. The purpose of CPR is to restore blood flow and oxygen delivery to vital organs when the heart has stopped pumping effectively, to prevent death and brain damage. The purpose of first aid is to stabilize the injured or ill person, prevent further harm, and promote recovery. First aid involves actions like cleaning and dressing wounds, immobilizing fractures, managing burns, and providing comfort until paramedics arrive.

Holmes Medical Training recommends you train your worksite staff in Standard First Aid CPR Level C with AED. The course is designed for any worksite with 6 or more people under WSIB recommendations.

Our certificates are valid for 3 years.

Benefits of Corporate First Aid Training:

  • Immediate Response to Emergencies

  • Reduce Severity of Injuries

  • Create a Safer Workplace

  • Boost Employee Confidence

  • Meeting Legal Requirements

  • Reduce Recovery Time and Costs

  • Team Building and Morale

CPR and first aid are both crucial components of corporate first aid training. Investing in a Standard First Aid CPR Level C with AED training course with Holmes Medical Training for your staff is a proactive measure that contributes to a safer and healthier work environment, demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being, and prepares your organization to respond effectively in times of crisis.


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