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Is Online CPR Certification Valid In Canada?

There is no online-only CPR certification in Canada recognized by the WSIB and Regulation 1101. Hands-on training is a vital component of any CPR class. Holmes Medical Training offers a blended CPR Level C with AED training course which is approved by the WSIB. Our blended learning course decreases the amount of in-person practical training because it allows our students to complete the theory portion of the course before their in-person practical training.

While online courses can provide valuable theoretical knowledge and understanding of the steps involved in CPR, practical, hands-on training is essential for developing the necessary skills and confidence to perform CPR effectively in real-life situations.

During hands-on CPR training, participants typically practice chest compressions, rescue breaths, applying an AED and other techniques on training manikins. In-person training allows individuals to experience the proper depth and rate of chest compressions, practice delivering rescue breaths, and gain a feel for the overall process.

Hands-on training also provides an opportunity for instructors to offer personalized feedback, correct any improper techniques, and ensure that participants are comfortable and competent in performing CPR. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired through hands-on training is critical for individuals to respond effectively in emergency situations where CPR is required.


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