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Is There a Level 4 First Aid?

An emergency can happen at any time. Taking a first aid course with Holmes Medical Training can make the difference between the life and death of the people you love most. So what are the different levels of first aid and CPR? In Ontario, the WSIB only recognizes two levels of first aid and 4 levels of CPR. 

The 2 levels of first aid for worksites are:

  • Emergency First Aid CPR Level C with AED training 

  • Standard First Aid CPR Level C with AED training 

What are the 4 levels of CPR?

  • CPR level A with AED training- Designed for only helping adults 

  • CPR level B with AED training -Designed for only helping adults and children

  • CPR level C with AED training -Designed to help all age groups

  • Basic Life Support CPR - or health care professional

  • Holmes Medical Training only offers CPR level C because we believe first aid and CPR is for everyone and should not be limited to only one age group.

Advanced First Aid Courses

If you want to expand your first aid knowledge or want to work as a first responder, the next levels of first aid training are:

  • Emergency Medical Responder

  • Emergency Medical Technician

  • Standard First Aid with Basic Life support is usually a prerequisite for advanced first aid courses. 

When choosing which first aid or CPR level course to take, it is important to base your decision on your industry and academic needs. At Holmes Medical Training we believe first aid is about people helping people, which we could all do with a little more of :)


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