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Ontario First Aid Training Group

Having a group of people trained in first aid has never been easier. With Holmes Medical Training, you can schedule to have one of our professional instructors come to your worksite, school, or business any day of the week. Our office staff are always happy to answer your questions, discuss scheduling, or work with you to ensure your group gets the best price with the highest quality training.

When booking our group courses we take great care in learning about the people being registered and what their needs are. We want all graduates of our programs to be in a position to immediately use the skills and knowledge they've learned, so we structure our group courses towards the industry or specializations of the group. Each of our group courses are tailored to address the specific needs and hazards of the group, without compromising the fundamentals of first aid training.

Because accidents and medical emergencies require quick thinking and immediate action, our instructors will tour your worksite during your group first aid course to assess the needs and hazards of your situation. By offering insights and strategies, our instructors will help you not only learn how to respond to emergencies, but how to take preventative actions to keep your worksite, school, or business a safe place to be.

As an added commitment to client satisfaction, Holmes Medical Training has a number of discounts and training packages to suit all group training requests. Contact one of our team today!


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