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Top Benefits of Group First Aid Courses for Your Team

Group first aid courses offer numerous benefits for teams in the workplace and serve to strengthen a company's ability to respond to medical emergencies. Holmes Medical Training offers cost effective and comprehensive group training packages, making the choice easy when considering first aid training for your workplace in Ottawa.

A quick email or phone call with one of our management team members will provide you with all of the information you need to confidently choose a training program that fits your workplace's needs. Holmes Medical Training has designed its group courses to not only accommodate all learning styles, regardless of previous training or skill level, but to also be fun and engaging.

There are multiple advantages to having your staff take a group first aid course with Holmes Medical Training and some of those key advantages are:

  • Enhanced Safety Awareness

  • Quick and Effective Response

  • Team Building

  • Increased Confidence

  • Reduced Response Time

  • Improved Workplace Morale

  • Legal Compliance

  • Cost-Effective Training

  • Tailored Training for Specific Risks

  • Continuity of Care

  • Emergency Preparedness

You only have to read a few of our over 600 Five-Star Google reviews to know that we are Ottawa's top choice for quality training you can trust. Our group courses will create a culture of safety in your workplace, foster a sense of teamwork in your staff, boost employee confidence, and ensure that your entire team is well-prepared to respond to any medical emergency, should it arise.


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