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What Does First Aid Include?

First aid is the immediate care and assistance provided to someone who is injured or suddenly becomes ill. It is intended to stabilize the person's condition and prevent the situation from worsening until professional medical help arrives. Taking a first aid course with Holmes Medical Training is your first step in being prepared for an emergency. First aid can include the following basic steps and techniques:

  1. Assess the situation: Ensure the area is safe for both the victim and the first aider. Identify potential hazards or dangers.

  2. Check the person's responsiveness: Gently tap or shake the person and ask, "Are you okay?" If there is no response, the person may be unconscious and in need of immediate assistance.

  3. Call for help: If the situation is serious, call 911. Provide them with necessary information, such as the location and nature of the emergency.

  4. Provide CPR if the person is not breathing or has no pulse.

  5. Control bleeding: Use clean cloth, gauze, or your hand to apply pressure to the wound to stop or slow bleeding.

  6. Treat for shock: Cover the person to keep them warm and reassure them.

  7. Administer basic first aid: This can include applying ice packs for swelling, splinting fractures, and managing burns, sprains, strains, or insect stings.

Receiving proper training from Holmes Medical Training in first aid techniques and principles is essential to ensure you can respond effectively in emergency situations.


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