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Why doing CPR in Ottawa is easier than you think?

At Holmes Medical Training, we offer our courses with a flexible schedule, with courses offered on both weekends and weekdays. We offer our first aid and CPR courses within a blended learning format where the theory can be done online line before you're in-person practical to accommodate your hectic schedule. We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the Ottawa market, with our instructors having first-hand experience saving lives.

What does blended learning mean?

Our First Aid and CPR online program is designed in a modular format, supplemented with videos and tests to help students understand the key concepts.

Students can complete the online theory portion of the course at their own pace and are given an access code to enter and exit the course on their schedule. We recommend that students complete the course's online theory portion within 14 days before their in-person practical.

What this means for you or your company is less lose work time, and you can complete the theory portion at your own pace.

Holmes Medical Training uses state-of-the-art, interactive first aid equipment during our in-person training

We use Prestan mannequins, which use a patented face/head tilt simulating how an actual casualty's head would move if they required CPR. The CPR mannequins also incorporate a mechanism to help them use the correct CPR force to compress the chest to the correct depth. The pressure sensor on these mannequins also gives real-time feedback to students' compressions rate, rhythm, and quality with depth with an easy-to-use red-light-green light sensor system.

Holmes Medical Training first aid instructors have the training and experience to help you succeed

Our instructors have performed CPR in real life using the techniques you will learn in your first aid course. You can rest assured that you will learn the right skills with Holmes Medical Training, empowering our students to save lives in the Ottawa area.

Check out our Google reviews to see how the people of Ottawa have been enjoying Holmes Medical Training courses, and book your course today.


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