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Why Staying Current on your First Aid and CPR Skills is Important

As medical research advances, first aid guidelines are updated every five years to reflect the latest scientific research. Let's talk about some common ways people used to give first aid and CPR and how things have changed.

First Aid for Poisons:

Myth- You must immediately induce vomiting for all casualties that have ingested an unknown poison

Truth-Do not induce vomiting for all ingested poisons especially products that are high in acid or alkaline like bleach. Bleach increases the risk of burns and other injuries to the esophagus, throat, and mouth when vomiting is induced with bleach.

First Aid for Nose Bleeds:

Myth- You must tilt a casualty's head back who has a nosebleed.

Truth- Tilting a casualty's head back with a nosebleed can cause the blood to go down the casualty's airway or stomach.

First Aid for Seizures:

Myth-You must put a wooden spoon in a casualty's mouth who is having a seizure to stop them from biting off their tongue.

Truth- Putting a spoon in a casualty's mouth that is having a seizure creates a choking hazard and can also cause damage to the back of the front.


Myth- You must give two rescue breaths before attempting compression. ABC

Truth- The cab method is now performed where compressions come before breaths in cycles of 30 compressions to 2 breaths.

By taking a first aid course with Holmes Medical Training you ensure that your first aid is up-to-date with the latest first aid techniques. Sign up today to invest in the safety of the people you love most. Call us at 613.769.1878 or email:


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