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CPR for Employees: A Vital Workplace Skill

One of the leading causes of death and cardiac arrest in Canadians is heart disease. Taking a workplace first aid CPR and AED training course with Holmes Medical Training will allow you to recognize the signs and symptoms of a casualty having a heart attack and give lifesaving first aid. If heart attacks are left untreated they can very quickly progress in a downward spiral, leading to cardiac arrest and death. 

Every second counts when performing CPR. Irreversible brain damage starts to set in around the 7-minute mark. The faster you recognize the signs and symptoms of cardiac arrest and start performing compression with CPR, the better the chances are of the casualty surviving. Your chance of bringing someone back with an AED is 1 in 4. Your chance of bringing a casualty back without an AED is 1 in 10. If you have an AED on site, wouldn't you want to know how to use it? 

In conclusion, taking a CPR and AED training course at your workplace is a vital skill to the lives and well being of your employees. If you take a first aid training course with Holmes Medical Training, your staff will be able to respond immediately to any accidents and medical emergencies that can happen in the workplace. Remember taking a first aid and CPR course can mean the difference between the life and death of the people we care about most.


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