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Which CPR Certification Is The Best?

When choosing a CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) course the best course to take depends on your industry. CPR is a life-saving procedure that is performed by giving a combination of compressions and assisted ventilation to a casualty whose heartbeat or breathing has stopped at an emergency scene.

Basic Life support (BLS) is a more advanced CPR course designed for individuals in the healthcare sector. If you are not in the health care sector the course Holmes Medical Training recommends is CPR level C with AED training. When you take a BLS course you will learn everything that is covered in a regular CPR course and more. Some of the additional topics included in a BLS course are a team approach to CPR, taking casualty vitals, using a BVM, treating an opioid overdose and performing rescue breathing.

What is covered in a CPR level C with an AED training course?

Defining first aid and first aid objectives

Casualty management and assessment

Shock and fainting

Adult, child & infant resuscitation (CPR C)

Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

Choking for adults, children & infants

Strokes and TIA

Heart attacks, angina and cardiovascular diseases

Opioid Overdoses

Every second counts when performing CPR. Irreversible brain damage starts to set in around the 7-minute mark. By taking a CPR course you will quickly learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of cardiac arrest and give life-saving CPR. Sign up to day Holmes Medical Training to help save a life.


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