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CPR First Aid Training For Groups Onsite

As first aid instructors, some of the most enjoyable situations for teaching are when everyone knows each other and everyone has a common goal for the training.  These situations arise when we are contacted by a business to train their staff onsite, using their workplace and its facilities for first aid training. These situations really bring out our instructors' passion for teaching and give them the opportunity to focus on the needs of the group and identify the workplace specific training required.

For the group being trained, the advantages of doing it onsite are tremendous. Teaching a group where everyone knows each other and shares a common goal can create a positive and supportive learning environment. In turn, it emboldens people to participate in the training in ways they would be too shy or uncomfortable to do if they were surrounded by strangers. This confidence often leads to lively discussions and highly relevant scenarios specific to the work environment. For most staff, this turns a potentially mundane course into a lasting memory.

As a first aid instructor, you can leverage these positive aspects to create engaging and effective training sessions: encourage open communication, foster teamwork, and capitalize on the group's shared goals to enhance the overall learning experience. The advantages of doing your first aid training onsite with Holmes Medical Training cannot be ignored. 

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