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Standard First Aid and CPR Level C: Your Path to Certification

When people think of first aid training, they aren't always aware of the different courses and levels of training available. To make it simple and all inclusive, the WSIB has developed three levels of first aid training, with the most popular and most comprehensive being Standard First Aid CPR Level C with AED training.

If you're considering first aid training in Ottawa, Holmes Medical Training should be your first stop on your path to certification. Our Standard First Aid course has been developed according to the guidelines set out by the WSIB and Regulation 1101, but include far more than just that. Our training programs have been crafted with the student learning experience as the priority, ensuring that our students stay focused, involved, and active. Every step of the way through the training, our instructors and the program itself seek to challenge the participants with hands-on learning and real world scenarios. We understand and push the idea that learning should be fun, with no opportunity for students to be staring at the clock. 

Unlike some of our competitors, our instructors do not sit back and let some grainy videos do the teaching. When learning first aid, our students benefit from a positive learning approach that has them involved and feeling included in the process. If you're considering a Standard First Aid program for yourself or your staff, contact one of our professional staff to learn more about the Holmes Medical Training advantage.


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