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Standard First Aid and CPR C: What You Need to Know

You need no prior medical training to do a standard first aid course because our curriculum is designed for beginners. 

Standard First Aid CPR Level C with AED is required for any worksite with 6 or more employees in Ontario, under WSIB regulations. Holmes Medical Training certifications are valid for 3 years under regulations.

A precautionary warning, first aid courses feature audio-visual material simulating real-life emergencies that some people may find to be emotionally distressing. 

The in-person practical portion of the course has many hands-on components where students are expected to kneel on the floor. It is recommended that students wear loose-fitting casual clothes during the in person component of the course. Ideally, students would wear trousers and flat-bottomed shoes. 

If you have any medical condition that would prevent you from completing any of the hands-on demonstrations, you should contact the Holmes medical Training office before your course. For example, you have had recent knee surgery that prevents you from kneeling on the ground.  We can notify our first aid instructor for the course that you will be demonstrating CPR on a table. 

In conclusion, taking a first aid course could be one of the most important things you ever do. Taking a first aid course will give you the knowledge, training and skills to give life-saving first aid when confronted with an emergency.   Sign up with Holmes Medical Training today to help save a life.


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